Business / Corporate Membership

Business/Corporate Membership is for business or organizations that want to provide the services of Apollo Health Care Cooperative to its members.  To qualify for this membership the monthly fees are paid in one check by the organization by the 20th of each month.  Fees can be paid by either the business or group or the individuals.

Programs available:
Associate Membership provides all the discount partner programs as well as free education classes for diabetes management and weight management.   Fees are $15 per month, plus the $15 one-time sign up fee.

Premium Membership includes all of the above plus medical services.  Fees are $45 for Adults age 18 and over – under age 18 is $30 per month.  The one-time sign up fee per household is only $30.

This program is compliant with the new healthcare bill.

Help keep your employees healthy and productive by providing them with medical services, wellness education and discount programs – all at an affordable price to you.

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